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 Pure and Clear Shower Filter
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Dr. Mercola Premium Products - Pure and Clear Shower Filter Dr. Mercola Premium Products Pure and Clear Shower Filter is compatible with the Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge. They searched for (and found) what they believe to be the best multi-stage shower filter out there, because quality is an area they refuse to compromise on when recommending healthful solutions to you and your family. Here's a quick summary of the extraordinary features and benefits of the Pure & Clear Shower Filter:

  • Like showering in natural spring water? – Patented 2-stage filtration unit removes and reduces chlorine, DBPs (THMs), VOCs, heavy metals, and other contaminants from your shower water.
  • Easy-to-install – Shower filtration system installs in minutes without special tools or complex plumbing. And due to its design, it fits most existing shower configurations and does not require adjustment to shower head height.
  • Maintains free-flowing water – Filtration unit, with its unique 'upflow' design, does not clog or noticeably impede water pressure. Looks attractive in your shower – High-gloss finish and small size add to its appealing appearance in your shower.
  • Reasonably priced – I set the challenging goal of less than $85 for a unit that meets or exceeds all of my selection criteria. And I beat it by a long shot.

The Pure & Clear Shower Filter multi-stage filtration process works as follows.

  • Stage 1 – Removes chlorine and enhances pH balance with a natural copper/zinc mineral media called KDF-55D
  • Stage 2 – Uses a carbonized coconut shell medium to remove synthetic chemicals, THMs (DBPs), and VOCs that vaporize from your shower water.
  • Your filter only requires replacement every 6 months and the extraordinary design of the Pure & Clear Shower Filter allows you to maintain your current shower head height.

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So, please take the potential hazards in your shower water seriously and order the Pure & Clear Shower Filter today and start enjoying the invigorating and healthful benefits.

About Dr. Mercola

Dr. Mercola was born and raised in the inner city of Chicago, IL. He had a normal childhood, and it was in his school years that he truly took an interest in health and wellness. In his early twenties, he worked as a pharm tech at a physician's office. He worked at the Illinois Eye Bank to harvest donated eyes to be used for cornea transplant. He also worked at the Kidney Bank.

He first began seeing patients at his private wellness clinic in Schaumburg, IL, in 1985. He was a sole practitioner. It was filled with routine checkups, school physical exams, and seeing chronically ill patients. He was prescribing drugs, but realized that they were not working.

He began exploring the world of natural medicine in the early 1990s. After seeing drastic improvements when his patients modified their diet and became more physically active, he changed the way he practiced medicine.

His passion is to transform the traditional medical paradigm in the United States, and that consumes most of his free time. For 40 years since 1968, he was an active runner; He completed the Chicago Marathon in just over three hours, among other accomplishments. He has also been a computer hobbyist since 1985, with an interest in the Internet that dates back to the early '90s.

The existing medical establishment is responsible for killing and permanently injuring millions of Americans, but the surging numbers of visitors to since he began the site in 1997 - they are now routinely among the top 10 health sites on the Internet - convinces him that you, too, are fed up with their deception. You want practical health solutions without the hype, and that's what he offers.


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Dr. Mercola is a licensed physician and board-certified family doctor. He is also a New York Times best-selling author. Dr. Mercola was voted the 2009 Ultimate Wellness Game Changer by Huffington Post and has been featured in several national media outles including Time magazine, LA Times, CNN, Fox News, ABC News, and the Today Show. The American College of Nutrition (CAN) has granted Dr. Mercola fellowship status.